BYU Care Week begins


This week is Care Week, meaning clubs all over campus are going to be hosting different activities and fundraisers to raise money for their charities of their choice. Jared Moline, VP of Clubs from BYUSA, provided more information on this week.

“Care Week is for all of the clubs on campus to give back to their communities. They’ll have events through Care Week that will kind of be ways that they can earn money for those charities,” Moline said.

Moline and other BYUSA members have been working behind-the-scenes to help clubs organize these events. 

“I am really excited to attend the water polo activity,” Moline said.

The BYU Water Polo Club team have been practicing for their big charity game this Friday, Nov. 17. The president of the club, K.J. Calder, talked about the game and the charity they’re fundraising for.

The Charity Game is the only time every semester that we get to play in front of an audience, so we take it very seriously but we also try to have some fun,” Calder said.

Their game is this Friday, and they will be raising money for the United Way Foundation.

The Partners in Health: Engage club is hosting a pickleball tournament this Saturday, Nov. 18 to raise money for the Maternal Center of Excellence in Sierra Leone. The President of the Club, Alexandra Beecroft, shared why raising money for maternal care is important to her.

“My sister just had a baby in March, and it was a very high-risk pregnancy,” Beecroft said. “She almost died. The baby almost died. She had the best medical care possible. And it’s just really important to me that other people have that same care and the same chance to survive and thrive.”

More information about activities can be found on the BYUSA website.

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