Y-Wishes campaign gives students opportunities to help others


BYUSA advertised its Y-Wishes campaign last week, from Oct. 23-27. Y-Wishes is all about helping students who could use a little extra support.

According Y-Wishes Team Lead Abigail Bringhurst, “Y-Wishes, is basically just, like, a way for students to serve students and get them thinking about others in their life that might be going through a hard time.”

As part of the campaign, students submitted service requests and BYUSA volunteers carried them out. Requests included everything from delivering treats to heart-attacking doors.

“Just something small, but helps people feel loved and appreciated when they might be going through a hard time,” Bringhurst said.

BYU student Emily Clifford said she has been looking for ways to serve others. She said Y-Wishes provides the ideal opportunity.

“It feels like you’re aiding your community and the people around you … Like we’re all in it together and having something to be involved in the service is just really awesome,” Clifford said.

Bringhurst said BYUSA hoped to promote Y-Wishes more vigorously this year. Last year, the program received only about 60 requests for wishes.

BYUSA volunteers spread the word all across campus. They distributed flyers, encouraged students to think more about serving others and even provided a bit of fun with cornhole games and candy for anyone who stopped by their table.

Students could visit the Y-Wishes website to submit a request for a wish. They could also sign up to help fulfill wishes.

“I just have been so busy and I have honestly wanted to get involved in something service related. So I’m excited to help out and see what I can do,” Clifford said.

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