Eye on the Y: BYU community honors victims of Sept. 11 attacks, Middle Eastern Studies club opens with message on gender equality

First responders participate in the Tower Climb at Lavell Edwards Stadium to honor victims of 9/11. Each participant wore a badge of a fallen victim. (BYU Photo)

First responders and BYU community honor victims of 9/11 through a Tower Climb

First responders and the wider BYU community participated in a “Tower Climb” at the LaVell Edwards Stadium to honor victims of the 9/11 attacks on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Participants walked a total of 2,071 steps up and down the stadium, wearing a badge of a victim to honor the first responders. The steps equated 110 floors, the height of the Twin Towers.

The memorial also included a large American flag on the field and a performance of the national anthem.

Opening activity for Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic Students club

Doctor Donna Lee Bowen addresses the Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic Students club on gender issues. Dr Bowen shared her book, “Sex and World Peace.” (Carly Wasserlein)

Dr Donna Lee Bowen spoke at the Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic Students club on global gender inequality on Thursday, Sept. 14.

Dozens of Middle Eastern Studies students and graduates gathered at the Kennedy Center for Bowen’s presentation on persistent global gender inequality. Bowen emphasized the issues of forced marriage, domestic violence and female rights across the world.

Bowen argued high mistreatment of women creates negative familial and societal structures which leads to global strife and bad governance. Attendees had the opportunity to ask the veteran professor questions and enjoy a free meal.

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