Where to eat on BYU campus


BYU has several different places to eat across campus with a wide variety of food options.

While some prefer to keep it classic with a trip to the Cougareat inside the Wilkinson Student Center, others prefer stops like the Pendulum Court Cafe inside the Eyring Science Center.

According to BYU Dining Services, the BYU Creamery is great for those feeling nostalgic, or who want to pay homage to the Creamery’s rich history.

Dani Mattson, a recent BYU graduate, said she loves the Harvey’s Engineering Cafe in the Engineering Building because “they have really good breakfast sandwiches, and then at lunch they have amazing tater tots.”

Mattson also enjoys the Blue Line Deli and Market in the Tanner Building because it has more variety and healthier options. She said although the Blue Line Deli does not have the best food, “the vibes are better” there than most other spots on campus.

For BYU senior Megan Broadbent, the Cougareat is the best place to go.

The Cougareat is home to both chain restaurants and restaurants unique to BYU. It features Subway, Papa Johns, Aloha Plate, Chick-fil-A, Choices, Cougar Cafe, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Milk & Cookies and the Cougar Express.

Broadbent said she likes Chick-fil-A the best “because the food feels somewhat fresh, and they have some good healthy options.” 

Incoming freshman Isabelle Hansen said she loves Chick-fil-A and Jamba, but her and all her friends’ personal favorite is the MOA Cafe in the Museum of Art. The MOA Cafe is a bit of a hidden gem on campus but is well known for its mac and cheese and fresh salads, she said.

The MOA Cafe is one of the best restaurants on campus, Mattson said, next to the Sky Room.

Mattson said the food itself as well as the vibe at the MOA are good, but can’t compare to the Sky Room. She also pointed out that the MOA “is a little out of the way.”

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