Good News Thursday: Man receives successful heart transplant after 5th attempt, Neighbors help in recovery after devastating flooding in Pennsylvania


Man receives successful heart transplant after 5th attempt

A man receives a successful heart transplant after the fifth attempt. Patrick Holland, a father of four, returned home to his family in Alaska on Saturday, July 15, after a successful heart transplant procedure. (Arielle Ingram-David via CNN Newsource)

A man returned home to his family in Alaska on Saturday, July 15, after a successful heart transplant procedure.

Patrick Holland, a father of four, was contacted several times while waiting for a heart transplant. Due to a severe Washington ice storm in December and other imperfect genetic matches, Holland wasn’t able to receive available the transplant until now.

“Was a total of four before I got this one. I missed the first one because SeaTac had an ice storm,” Holland said. “Then there were three others that weren’t a perfect match. It was the fifth one they said ‘Hey, we got the perfect match. You got an hour to get here,’ and lucky I was in Seattle when they called, and I got it and man I just feel amazing.”

Holland’s wife and four children were there to welcome him with open arms at the Fairbanks, Alaska airport. They are grateful for his health and safe return.

Holland said he’s feeling young and healthy again and looks forward to getting back to normal life and helping others.

“I’ve always liked helping others. But now I can now crank it up a notch. I wouldn’t say it’s been a mission of mine. It’s just God put it in my heart. So, and he put it in this one too,” Holland said.

Neighbors help in recovery after devasting flooding in Pennsylvania

Residents walk through a 40 ft deep sink hole in the Luzeckyk family’s backyard that appeared following flash flooding in Pennsylvania. Cleaning crews arrived in the county to clear debris, clean streets and provide dumpsters for people to dispose of flood damaged items. (Matt Petrillo, KYW via CNN Newsource)

Following deadly flash flooding in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, neighbors stepped in to support those affected by the tragedy.

With more than six inches of rainfall received in under an hour, flooding caused significant damages in this Eastern Pennsylvania county. Authorities report five people have been found dead, and two children are still missing.

Many across the county have offered support, including Kari Dalton — who is letting her friend stay in her home while that friend’s home is uninhabitable.

“I just did what any mom, any friend would do. I just told her to come to my home, and you’re here, you’re safe and we’ve got your back,” Dalton said.

The city provided dumpsters for residents to dispose of ruined belongings, as some homes remain habitable. Yet, the flood left some property unrecognizable.

Greg Luzeckyk and his family returned home from vacation to discover a 40 foot hole in their backyard.

“My shed is gone. My Harley Davidson is gone. But we found it in that 40-foot hole back there that didn’t use to be here,” Luzeckyk said.

Luzeckyk expressed gratitude for friends and neighbors that have offered to help. He described his friends as “the best gift from God you could ever ask for.”

“Fortunately, we have very good friends, neighbors, we got a plan for that for now, short term anyway,” Luzeckyk said.

Mexican fishers rescue Australian sailor and dog after 3 months lost at sea

Australian Timothy Shaddock receives care following his rescue after being stranded for three months on the Pacific Ocean. Shaddock and his dog were found alive by a crew on a Mexican tuna ship. (Twitter/@Grupomar via CNN Newsource)

The crew on a Mexican tuna ship rescued Timothy Shaddock, 54, and his dog, Bella, after being stranded on the Pacific Ocean for three months.

The Australian man and his boat were found 12 miles away from the nearest land mass. Sailors gave the man and dog food and water following the rescue.

The exact events that stranded Shaddock have not yet been detailed.

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