BYU shares drone footage of Arts Building construction, library renovations

A drone captures footage of campus construction at BYU. The university sent out an update Wednesday morning regarding renovations to the library and construction of the new Arts Building. (Brigham Young University via YouTube)

BYU shared updated drone footage of the new Arts Building construction and Harold B. Lee Library renovations on July 11.

The footage shows construction workers flattening the ground where the foundation of the Arts Building will be laid as well as progress on the library’s waterproofing and roof replacement.

According to the library’s website, the building has a multi-layered roof system that needs reinforcements. Almost all the insulation for the roof will be reused, according to the website.

“That is great for the environment and it saves money,” the website says.

More information about the construction can be found on the websites of the library and the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

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