Huntsman Cancer Institute to open new center in Vineyard


The Huntsman Cancer Institute announced on June 21 that it will be building a new cancer treatment center in Vineyard, Utah. This will give people that live south of Salt Lake City the chance to get the cancer treatment they need.

“I am here, so thrilled to announce that we are going to bring Huntsman Cancer Institute to you, to this community of Vineyard,” CEO of Hunstman Cancer Institute Mary Beckerle said.

The new cancer center will be located within 20 minutes of BYU and UVU. Students from both of these schools will have an opportunity to work with cancer specialists to help those in need.

Taylor Randall, president of the University of Utah, said, “As educational institutions in the mission of solving cancer, we are greater if we put a team together.”

The new building will cost an estimated $300 million to complete. While no completion date was announced at the press conference, President Randall announced that the Huntsman Cancer Foundation had already donated to the project.

“Today, I’m pleased to announce that we have a matching gift, the largest single gift ever to come from the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, a gift of $75 million to this community,” Randall said.

His words were followed by a round of applause from the gathered crowd.

Members of the Utah Legislature were there, including Senator Keith Grover who represents the cities of Vineyard, Orem and Provo. He spoke to the gathered assembly about his own connection to cancer, and expressed his excitement about the new cancer center.

“It’s exciting. A little nervous to see how it’ll all come together, but that’s where we’re at,” Senator Grover said.

David Huntsman, president and chief operating officer of the Huntsman Foundation, spoke about his father, Jon Huntsman, and his father’s desire to eradicate cancer. 

“My father’s goal was not to fight cancer for the rest of his life. My father’s goal was to fight cancer until it is eradicated from the face of this world,” Huntsman said.

Huntsman invited those at the event to help accomplish his father’s goal and make a difference for those fighting cancer. The new center in the city of Vineyard is one step closer to that goal.

“As I see all of you here today, it’s an invitation for all of you to participate in this wonderful opportunity that we have to make a difference for those people that are suffering,” Huntsman said.

With $75 million already secured for the $300 million building, cancer patients can rest assured there will be a new place for them to come to receive their care.

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