Good News Thursday: Graduate uses robotic legs to accept diploma, WWII Veteran celebrates 100th birthday


Graduate uses robotic legs to accept diploma

Ella Weiske walked across the stage to accept her diploma after spending years in a wheelchair. Weiske, along with her family and friends, talked about her experience. (WBAY)

Ella Weiske walked across the stage in Ripon, Wisconsin to receive her diploma on Saturday, May 27, after spending most of her life confined to a wheelchair.

Weiske was born prematurely and lives with cerebral palsy. She wanted to walk across the stage at graduation, and that dream was made possible by a Trexo device that equipped Weiske with robotic legs. The robotic legs strapped onto her legs, allowing her to walk even when her muscles got tired.

“I can feel my feet hit the floor and that just makes me happy,” Weiske said.

Weiske is excited to continue using her new device and has plans to walk around downtown Ripon and walk to one of her brother’s baseball games.

WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday

WWII veteran John Janosik turned 100 years old on May 30. Janosik’s family, as well as national and local leaders, honored the veteran for his service. (WFMJ)

An Ohio veteran celebrated his 100th birthday on Tuesday, May 30, and was honored by national and local leaders for the milestone.

John Janosik was stationed in Europe handling vital communications during WWII, and served as a staff sergeant in the 42nd Rainbow Division of the U.S. Army.

Four generations of Janosik’s family traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to celebrate his birthday. Along with family celebrations, President Joe Biden and Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine sent Janosik a letter that thanked him for his service and wished him a happy birthday.

Janosik also received proclamations from Youngstown City and the Mahoning Country Commissioners, a plaque and an American flag from the Mahoning Veterans Service Commission.

Dog saves puppy from coyote attack

Dogs Vinny and Harley sit together in their California home. Vinny recently saved the younger dog from a coyote attack in their backyard. (Macaluso family)

When two coyotes snuck into the Macaluso family’s backyard in Mission Viejo, California, their older dog Vinny heroically chased off the coyotes to save their younger puppy from the attack.

The family was returning from a walk when their dog, Harley, heard a noise and ran outside. That noise was two coyotes, one of which chased Harley and began attacking him.

Vinny heard the dog’s cries and ran out to chase off the attacking coyotes. Despite Vinny’s smaller stature and age, he was able to frighten the coyotes into running away and give Harley a chance to escape.

“I knew he was fearless but I didn’t understand how fearless,” Erin Macaluso, Vinny and Harley’s owner, said.

Vinny is an 11-year-old rescue Maltese, who only has three teeth and weighs 10 pounds. While he wouldn’t have been able to beat coyotes in a fight, he’s not afraid of anything, according to his owner David Macaluso.

Harley received 20 stitches after the attack, but will live to tell the tale thanks to Vinny’s courage.

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