Good News Thursday: Crossing guard retires after 55 years, SpaceX launches first Saudi woman in space


Crossing guard retires after 55 years

Crossing guard Sandra Bellew retires after working for the Independence School District for 55 years. Students showed their love for Bellew before her retirement. (KMBC, CNN)

Sandra Bellew has retired after nearly 55 years working as a crossing guard at the Independence School District in Missouri. The children that Bellew served made sure to give her a proper send-off, bringing her cards, flowers and posters to show her their affection.

Known to the kids as “Miss Sandy,” Bellew was an important part of the school community and many children expressed how much they would miss her.

“I don’t wanna quit, I didn’t want to quit, but I got to quit. It hurts, but I’m happy,” Bellew said.

SpaceX launches first Saudi woman in space

Four private citizens take off for the International Space Station on May 21. Included in the mission was Rayyanah Barnawi, the first Saudi woman in space. (CNN, NASA TV, Axiom Space)

SpaceX and Axiom Space launched a mission to the International Space Station. The mission was composed of four private citizens, including the first Saudi woman in space.

Rayyanah Barnawi, who served as a mission specialist, was joined by three other astronauts, including crew commander Peggy Whitson, pilot John Shoffner and mission specialist Ali Alqarni. The Axiom Mission 2 launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 21 and docked with the ISS on May 22. It was a 16-hour flight for the four astronauts.

Ballroom shooting hero hosts dance to help community healing

A couple takes the floor at the ballroom event. Brandon Tsay helped organize an event at his family’s dance hall, where a gunman attempted an attack earlier this year. (KCAL, KCBS, Brenda Tsay, Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio Inc., CNN)

After stopping a gunman from carrying out a potentially deadly attack in a dance hall in California on January 21, Brandon Tsay hosted a dance for his community on May 20 to celebrate heritage and promote healing.

The gunman killed 11 people at the dance studio in Monterey Park before trying to get into Tsay’s family’s ballroom in nearby Alhambra, where Tsay fought him off. Monterey Park and Alhambra are both still affected by the tragedy.

“When something happens of this magnitude, it’s important to continue to raise the issue of gun violence. And it’s important to remember, right? Because forgetting means that it gets swept under a little bit,” Alhambra Mayor Adele Andrade-Stadler said.

The dance event celebrated Asian American and Pacific-Islander Heritage Month, and included surprises for attendees like dancers from Dancing With the Stars. Residents said they enjoyed the opportunity to express themselves and do what they love.

Tsay said he hopes dance can help people look to the future.

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