University Relations hosts annual Campus Showcase for faculty, staff


On May 24, hundreds of BYU faculty and staff attended the annual Campus Showcase hosted by University Relations. Attendees visited booths set up by campus departments to learn about their services, get free food and enter giveaways. 

According to University Relations, the showcase is an event for non-student BYU employees and consistently has a positive turnout. More than 900 faculty registered to attend the event, according to University Relations staff. 

Ryan Hales, the technology and campus relations manager in the University Relations office, said the purpose of the event is to raise awareness about what the university offers its employees and to educate attendees on the services and perks they have access to. Hales said that employees did not realize the benefits BYU offered them. 

“There are a lot of people that are hired here and don’t realize … BYU offers so much more,” Hales said. 

Departments such as Campus Floral, Transportation and Manufacturing Services, the Creamery, the BYU Store and several more set up booths in the Hinkley Center. Each booth gave participants handouts explaining the services they offer, along with free treats or goody bags.

Amy Jacobsen, an assistant to the university president, set up her booth alongside Campus Floral. She was there to tell participants about the Y-shaped flower displays that the president’s office sends to families of employees who have passed away. The gift is to be displayed at their funeral to show gratitude and condolences to the family. Jacobsen said oftentimes employees’ families don’t know about this service and hope more people will fill out the form to receive the display.

Aliah Eberting, an employee at BYU Broadcasting who attended the showcase, said she was surprised by the amount of services available to her.

“It’s incredible. I had no idea there were this many resources,” she said. 

Eberting said the resource she thought was the most interesting was within the Electron Microscopy Facility, which allows youth groups in the area to learn about electron microscopes, and even use the equipment with supervision. 

Karen McCleary and Cindy Christensen both work in the Benefits Office of BYU Human Resources and were stationed at a booth to inform participants about the different benefits they get with their ID cards. According to McCleary, employees can use their ID cards for discounts at the BYU Store, Museum of Art Store, athletic events and other campus-related amenities, as well as Utah Transit Authority bus passes. 

Hales encouraged employees who have not attended a Campus Showcase to learn about the services BYU has to offer. He said there are many “wonderful jobs” for people who are interested in working at BYU. According to Hales, BYU cares about its faculty and staff and provides a positive environment for employees and students alike. 

“Everyone here really loves the Lord, loves the school and loves each other … as well as the students,” Hales said. 

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