BYU students, businesses prepare for Mother’s Day


BYU students and businesses are gearing up to celebrate Mother’s Day by getting flowers and reflecting on what their moms mean to them.

According to Amber Garrett, an employee working at BYU Campus Floral, the store is getting extra busy with the upcoming holiday.

“There definitely has been an increase in sales just because of the holiday and everyone is rushing to make their mom feel special and have been ordering a bunch of flowers,” Garrett said.

As students rush to get flowers for their mothers, Campus Floral prepares for the incoming increase in customers. The store makes specific changes each year as Mother’s Day approaches to stay on top of the influx of customers.

“So the whole way that our ordering system works is completely different over Mother’s Day. So we have bins specific to the day, and as far as flowers go we order a bunch more,” Garrett said.

BYU students are also preparing for Mother’s Day as they figure out the best way they can show their love to their moms.

According to Amy Techavimol, a BYU student from Washington, she plans to look to her past to figure out what she should get for her mother this upcoming holiday.

“In the past sometimes I would DoorDash her some flowers because flowers have kind of become expensive,” Techavimol said.

In 2022, Americans spent $31 billion on Mother’s Day-related presents and nearly $3 billion on flowers. This upcoming Mother’s Day, consumers are expected to spend $35.7 billion — an increase from the record $31 billion in 2022. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 84% of Americans will celebrate the holiday this year.

Gift-giving is not the only part of Mother’s Day that BYU students are thinking about. Other students have reflected on what their mother means to them as they prepare to celebrate on Sunday.

According to Nathan Dorathy, a BYU student from Oregon, his favorite thing about his mom is her resiliency and strength.

“My favorite things about my mom is she is a very strong woman. I have five brothers, so there is six of us and she has put up with us for 24 years,” Dorathy said.

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