International players on the BYU men’s tennis team appreciate being here


BYU’s motto “The world is our campus” remains true, as the BYU men’s tennis team has several international players.

Senior Mateo Vereau comes from a small town in Peru, and junior Jack Barnett from Australia.

Both players have different reasons for why they came to BYU. For Vereau, it came after learning more about the school.

“After doing a little research I decided to come here because it’s just an amazing school,” he said.

For Barnett, it was something the coach said when he was being recruited.

“BYU athletes get treated like kings and I’ll never forget (that) … and that was the selling point, really,” he said.

Upon arriving at BYU, both players had to get used to certain things about Utah culture. For example, Barnett wasn’t used to the soda shops.

“I’m not a big soda guy. I’ll have a coke every now and then, but people go to Swig like all the time,” Barnett said.

For Vereau, the language took some getting used to.

“I did have a little trouble understanding the slang at first and different accents from different parts of the country,” he said.

Both players also had to get used to a new religion.

“I had never even heard of the LDS religion until (I got recruited),” Barnett said.

Vereau agreed.

“I’m not a member of the church and so it’s a whole different change,” he said.

After all the adjusting, both Vereau and Barnett can agree on the one thing that makes BYU special.

“I think this place is amazing, I think the people here are amazing they are amazing people,” Vereau said. “They are super nice to everyone, they are always trying to help.”

Barnett couldn’t agree more.

“Everyone is so polite, so friendly. It’s just a nice, happy place to be, really,” he said.

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