BYU hosts Night at the Museums event


You may have seen the movie “Night at the Museum,” but have you heard about BYU’s Night at the Museums

Night at the Museums is a once-a-year event where BYU’s five museums are open far past usual visiting hours. Visitors can explore the exhibits, get a special treat at each museum, interact with museum staff and solve a scavenger hunt.

“It’s a really good opportunity because a lot of the museums on campus have really limited hours,” Museum of Peoples and Cultures employee Alyssa Pitts said. “So it’s fun that we’re open at night.”

The BYU Museum of ArtMuseum of PaleontologyBean Life Science MuseumEducation in Zion Gallery and Museum of Peoples and Cultures each offer exciting exhibits and opportunities for learning.

Each museum has a riddle visitors can solve to find one specific exhibit or artifact. Once visitors solve the riddle, they get a sticker for that museum. Once they get all five stickers, they get a special prize.

“Students can come, parents can take their kids, and it’s a great way for kids and families to be exposed to all the different museums that we have,” Pitts said.

Night at the Museums only happens once a year.

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