Provo Airport enjoys recent expansion, plans further growth


The Provo Airport has had one consistent concern in recent years: not enough capacity.

“We need more space, we have to continue growing to continue to meet the demand here.” Matthew Jensen, Provo Airport operations manager, said.

In July last year, the Provo Airport expanded its facilities, undergoing a massive increase in traffic and capacity.

“So, what we used to do in a week, we’re doing now in a day, multiple days a week,” Jensen said.

But it was not enough to keep up with rising demand. Morning and evening schedules remain very busy, and the airport is looking to continue its growth.

“Had they known how successful it would have been, they said all along they would have built more. But hindsight is 20/20,” Jensen explained.

Future plans include additional gates, a larger terminal and the capability to host international flights going out to locations such as Central America.

“They want to start flying to Mexico as soon as possible once they have the international component built and opened here.” Jensen said.

That would make this the second international airport in the state, after Salt Lake International, which has been the sole means of air travel for many Utahns for years.

According to Jensen, the Provo Airport won’t be attempting to reach the size of Salt Lake International, and will instead focus on becoming a strong regional option.

As Provo continues to expand its airport, Jensen sees people choosing to fly out of Provo for a faster and more convenient experience, with the time from leaving your car to arriving at the gate getting as low as ten minutes.

“You can park your car out there, in some parking stalls a hundred yards, you’re at the terminal.” Jensen said.

Many people who fly through Provo Airport seem to agree. Google reviews for Provo Airport frequently cite the convenience and speed of getting onto their flights. But many are also quick to point out a lack of food and frustrations with the airlines flying through Provo.

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