BYU holds Financial Seminar Student Alumni 


BYU student alumni office organized a financial seminar to help students navigate the financial world and learn how to make the most out of their money. The event was held Feb. 25 at the Hinckley Center. 

“We wanted to put on an event where people could have a place to ask questions to get information that would be helpful to them so that they can buy homes, start families, invest and do things that will set them up for success in the future.” Joseph Andreason, president of BYU Alumni Association, said. 

The event consisted of 5 different presentations by specialists in the financial world. Among the topics discussed were: understanding a partner’s risk profile within marriage, 10 things to do to improve your finances and your life, everyday financial success, proactive and intentional investing and personal finance and credit myths busted.  

“It just always seems like a good idea to come and learn more about how you can better your finances.” Megan Pearson, a seminar attendee, said. 

The event gave students from different majors the opportunity to learn about what financial tools are available. 

“I really feel like students are right at that point in life where they are getting ready to sort of really take stewardship for their own finances for their own futures and it’s a really good time to learn some really valuable skills before things get a little bit more complicated,” seminar speaker Cassy Budd said. 

The lesson on finance went beyond numbers and bank accounts and touched on gospel living and spirituality.  

“Probably the most important lesson from today’s presentation is that personal finances simply part of living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s part of being spiritually and temporally prepared.” seminar speaker Bryan Sudweeks said. 

The next financial event held by the BYU alumni student office will be next February. More information on future events and involvement opportunities on their website.

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