A look inside Provo’s luxury car museum

Skid marks lead up to this Mark 2 Chevrolet Camaro inside Automotive Addiction. This museum doubles as a storage for local luxury vehicle owners. (Sydni Merrill)

Luxury cars sit right around the corner in Automotive Addiction — a museum and event venue in Provo that displays luxury vehicles owned by local Utah County residents.

Provo’s Automotive Addiction is one of three locations in Utah. Visitor’s can find this museum located in the Provo Towne Center

On their website, Automotive Addiction invites visitors to “walk around at your own pace or book a private tour.”

Employee Katie Gentry wouldn’t describe herself as an automotive enthusiast but enjoys working in such a unique atmosphere.

“If you enjoy looking, admiring or even dreaming of cars, Automotive Addiction is the place to check out,” Gentry said.

Automotive Addiction offers public tours, racetrack time and venue and conference room rentals.

Gentry explained that the vehicles stored in all the Automotive Addiction locations come from local owners, and 30-40 vehicles can be on display at one time.

“All of the owners of the vehicles are very down to earth. They can pull their cars and put them back anytime,” Gentry said.

Gentry works alongside her husband Tanner Hill. They both started working at the Provo Automotive Addiction in 2022, and have appreciated the upbeat positive environment that the owners create.

Hill has benefited from this job opportunity in many ways. Hill is musician and piano prodigy, and working with Automotive Addiction has led to many networking opportunities to benefit his musical career.

At a event held in an Automotive Addiction venue in November 2022, Hill played piano while Kansas City Chiefs Derrick Ross sang to a Lynyrd Skynyrd song. That moment was filmed and posted to Hill’s official TikTok account.

Lovers of all things auto can sign up for a membership to Automotive Addiction, which includes exclusive access to their upcoming events. Automotive Addiction also sells scooters, e-bikes, go-karts and apparel both in-store and online.

There are additional locations in Sandy and within the Utah Motor Sports Campus.

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