BYU students start tandem-bike rental business


Provo has no shortage of date night ideas, from candle making to hatchet throwing. But if you’ve ever wanted to try a bicycle built for two, now is your chance. 

Love Handles is a brand-new business here in Provo that offers tandem bikes for rent.

“Love Handles is all about just creating an incredible experience for friends and dates alike,” co-owner Dylan Sorensen said. “Renting a tandem bike is super fun, and you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors together.”

Co-owner Haley Andrews was inspired to start the business after she rode a tandem bike for the first time. She saw two tandem bikes for sale one day and jumped at the opportunity.

Andrews said she bought them and recruited the help of her friends to create a business that would allow people to rent the bikes for dates and other outings.

“Riding a tandem bike is so fun,” Andrews said. “I can’t get enough of it, obviously, we started this business.”

The trio invited some of their friends to try out the bikes before they officially started their business, and the responses were positive.

“It was amazing, we had so many people that came and took it for free,” Andrews said. “Initially they were kind of hesitant, maybe they had never ridden a tandem bike before, but their reactions when they came back were the best. That’s what is keeping us going and why we’re excited, because they had such a fun time.”

The company takes booking requests through Instagram at @lovehandles_provo. Co-owner Linnae Gardiner said they charge $25 for a half-day rental.

“During the month of February, for Valentine’s Day, you can get a rental for just $14,” Gardiner said. “You just gotta book in February for February.”

Love Handles is just getting started. Andrews said she and her partners plan to buy more bikes to expand their business.

“A business is a team effort,” she said. “It’s been an incredible experience. We’ve learned so much together and I’m really excited to be able to see what people want and how we can help them have that experience.”

Love Handles co-owners Haley Andrews, Dylan Sorensen and Linnae Gardiner started their business recently, but are already hoping to expand to provide more fun date-night activities to provo residents. (Photo courtesy of @lovehandles_provo on Instagram)
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