Utah surpasses average season’s snow pack levels


Utah mountains have already received a full season’s worth of snow in just the first half of this season, according to Ski Utah’s mid-season report.

Utah ski resorts currently hold the top four spots for the most snowfall in North America.

Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude are leading the nation in total amount of snow. Alta has received the most amount of snow by Feb. 7 hitting nearly 500 inches so far, according to the report.

While the numbers are impressive, skiers say the difference between this season and seasons past is remarkable.

“I think this season’s been very different. It’s been one of the best seasons I’ve seen just in my five years of skiing, just lots of snow, really continuous snow,” local skier Riley Wells said.

This is the first time Alta has received this much snow in October through January since they started tracking 40 years ago, the report says. But Alta is not the only one. 

Ski Utah said mountains across the state have seen 50% to 120% more snowpack than usual. This is good news for our drought, and good news for skiers all over Utah.

“There’s so many more things you can do when there’s lots of snow, you’re able to go off bigger cliffs, bigger jumps, bigger tricks, and really push yourself and progress. It’s just the best feeling in the world to ski deep powder,” Wells said.

For snow-loving Utahns, there is no better place to recreate than the home of the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

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