Orem cafe honors memory of co-owners’ parents


Tucked behind University Mall in Orem, James & Joan Coffee Co. welcomes people in. 

Owners Trevor and Brooke Schultz named the cafe after Brooke’s father James, and Trevor’s mother Joan, who both passed away in recent years.

On their website, they wrote that their parents taught them “everything about anything, so the values that J&J is built on were instilled in (Trevor and Brooke) by (their parents).”

Kristy Kelland, an employee at James & Joan, said the couple does a good job of running the cafe.

“They are great owners. They definitely like caring for their people. I think probably the most important thing of opening a business is taking care of your employees and just making sure that they are having a good time,” Kelland said. 

After starting this business less than a year ago, Trevor and Brooke seem to have fostered a tight-knit community.

They want their cafe to feel accessible to the local community, both as a place to study and a place to socialize.

“I think that we do a very good job of just making the space open and welcoming, and available for people to do homework, or work or hang out here,” Kelland said.

As business owners and parents of two young children — on top of recently buying a house and moving further from their cafe — the Schultz couple is quite busy.

They are still able to honor their parents by offering a place for everyone to come and spend time with others in the community. 

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