Crumbl Cookies continues to gain popularity nationwide


By now Crumbl cookies is a sweet household name.

The brand started in 2017 while the founders and cousins Jason McGowen and Sawyer Hemsley were attending Utah State University.

In just five years the company has spread to 47 states and has millions of followers on social media.

Crumbl is famous for their pink packaging, open concept kitchens, and a weekly rotating menu with over 200 total flavors. 

With all the popularity, fans are passionate about the cookies.

Manager of the Crumbl store in Provo Taylor Cleverly says he loves when customers are excited about the weekly flavors. 

“Either they’re super happy or sometimes they get pretty heated with us even though we don’t have any say over what the flavors are,” Cleverly said.

Flavor decisions are made weeks in advance by a team at corporate.

“Sawyer and Jason, I don’t know how much of a say they currently have but they used to decide most of it, now there’s different teams that make those decisions,” Cleverly said.

Utah public relations specialist Claire Modersitzki said handling the huge social media accounts is no easy task and they deal with backlash by taking customer feedback seriously.

Crumbl’s flavors this week feature churro, chocolate cookies and cream, blueberry muffin and key lime pie.

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