2023 Sundance Film Festival comes to a close


The Sundance Film Festival came to a close Jan. 29.

The 10-day festival brings about 100,000 people to Park City every year. This was the first time in two years it has been fully in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local shop owner of Tina’s Bakery Valentina Udabe said it has been crazy with all the visitors.

“This is our first Sundance … it’s been very busy. Some people told me it isn’t what it used to be before COVID, but honestly for us it’s been busy,” Udabe said.

On the other hand, Ruben Rivera from the Park City Souvenir shop says they did not know what to expect. 

“We were trying to plan for the worst but expecting for it to be super busy, but honestly nobody came through, everybody’s too busy with the festival and the movies, not a lot of people have come in shopping for souvenirs,” Rivera said.

The festival peaks with awards for the films, with this year featuring winners from 15 different countries. Tickets to view the award-winning films online can be purchased via the festival’s website.

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