Utah emergency managers encourage emergency kits for cars


Emergency managers at Be Ready Utah are encouraging Utah residents to prepare for the winter road conditions this season by putting together an emergency preparedness kit to keep in their cars. 

“Your vehicle should always have emergency tools, equipment in your vehicle,” Maralin Hoff, a community outreach specialist at Be Ready Utah, said.

Emergency preparedness kits, sometimes called 72 hour kits, are meant to keep you warm, safe and hydrated if your car breaks down or you get stuck in the snow. Taking the time to prepare could make all the difference this winter season.

“If you’re out in the mountains or traveling, there’s no cars coming and going while you’re on your own, so you have things in your vehicle to provide you until the help comes,” Hoff said.

Be Ready Utah has a disaster supply kit list on their website with basic items you can find around home, making preparation easy. It might look like a lot. But everything you need can easily fit inside a small space.

A preparedness kit should include things like flashlights, a first aid kit, snacks, non-cotton jackets and blankets and water.

Hoff recommends that this Christmas, students do something she has been doing for decades: buy one preparedness item as present for your car.

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