Hogle Zoo encourages ‘Giving Tuesday’ donations for exhibit

Sea lions perch on a log and roar at the Hogle Zoo during the winter. The Hogle Zoo is encouraging the community to donate to the Wild Utah Exhibit for “Giving Tuesday.” (Photo Courtesy of the Hogle Zoo)

What began as a hashtag in 2012, “Giving Tuesday” has become a movement encouraging generosity in everyday parts of life. 

The day falls annually on the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday. The independent nonprofit collaborates all year with a global network to inspire others to give. The organization’s mission is “to build a world where generosity is part of everyday life.” 

A graphic from the official Giving Tuesday website, describing the importance of charity. Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has become a national movement to give back. (Graphic courtesy of the Giving Tuesday Organization).

As the movement becomes more recognized across the world, companies have joined in on the generosity by pledging different profits to charities and foundations.

A local example of this is the Hogle Zoo, which is encouraging the community to donate to the Wild Utah Exhibit for “Giving Tuesday.”

According to the zoo’s official press release, they are offering friendly competition to settle Utah’s favorite college animal debate between the University of Utah Red Tail Hawk or the BYU Cougar, inviting anyone to vote and donate.

For those who prefer to give items instead of monetary donations, the zoo’s animal care team has assembled an Amazon charity wish list for the wildlife in Hogle Zoo’s care.

While “Giving Tuesday” encourages to donate to different organizations and charities, the day also inspires simple ways to give in everyday parts of life, including paying for the next person’s order in line, giving blood, or writing letters.

UVU psychology student Tristin Pierce talked about the positive effect giving can have on an individual.

“It releases positive endorphins in the brain that results in promoting good health,” he said. “I feel that the intent behind the giving goes a long way and overtime, I think that if an individual continues giving it can teach them empathy.”

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