Office of Information Technology provides plethora of student resources

A returning student stops by BYU’s Office of Information Technology. The tech office is a common stop for anyone who is in need of computer help or is looking to rent any laptops or Macs. (Cole Cummings)

The BYU Office of Information Technology provides support and resources to students all over campus.

The office works with campus departments and leaders to improve the digital experience for everyone on campus. Resources such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, software training classes, rentable laptops and Macs and online data storage are all services BYU students have at their disposal.

OIT also offers a range of resources that students and employees alike can take advantage of.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is an application that hosts a number of different apps used for photography, design, editing and creating video and web design. These apps include Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator and more. BYU students can purchase a full year of access to Adobe Creative Cloud at a discounted price of $69.

Dallin Lee, an industrial design major and avid Photoshop and Illustrator user said, “The cloud is easy to use, and a good investment to anyone.”

OIT works with the Harold B. Lee Library to offer software training classes to students and employees. Students often learn valuable skills in programs from Adobe to Microsoft.

The software training includes a one-hour multimedia and software class for students, faculty and staff. Topics include photography, graphic design, presentations, spreadsheets and video editing. Through these free library services, certificates are offered to students to document their learned skills.

“The Adobe Creative Cloud has the potential to add a few skills to a resume and even shed light on unknown talents,” Lee said.

BYU student Max Morell described the class as being taught by a pair of students who make sure everyone is working at the same pace. He said his teachers help students stay on the same pace as one another through their one-on-one teaching.

OIT offers students and employees discounted tech such as monitors, laptops and printers. In addition, they also include 3D printing classes, music creation software and laser cutters.

“These resources make life on campus much more convenient for everyone involved,” Morell said.

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