BYU Store releases ‘belt bag,’ students embrace fanny pack trend

Dressed-up mannequins stand at the BYU Store, carrying belt bags. Trending belt bags are now on sale at the BYU store. (Jessica Penaloza)

The BYU Store on campus has followed fashion trends and released a new “Oval Y BYU Belt Bag,” known more popularly as a “fanny pack.”

Nathalie Vanze, a retail clothing worker at the BYU store, said fanny packs have been trending in fashion lately and many students have been wearing them. This is why they decided to bring the “Oval Y BYU Belt Bag” to the store for students. 

“We made them in a different style from other fanny packs,” Vanze said. “It is similar to the lululemon rectangular bag style but we decided to do BYU colors.”

A mannequin models a belt bag at the BYU Store. BYU’s new belt bags have become the item of the week since their debut. (Jessica Penaloza)

Vanze also said that the belt bags have more of a simple style than other bags. It is not plastered with the BYU logo, but has a small “Y” in the corner. 

“Fanny packs are nice to have and small enough for people to keep their essential items in them,” Vanze said. “There’s a lot of people coming to the store saying this is the best product we’ve had.”

BYU student Karina Myer said she likes to wear her fanny pack because it helps keep her belongings in one place. 

“I definitely use my fanny pack all the time,” Myer said. “I like to have my AirPods, cards, pens and highlighters. I don’t have to think about where my things are or lose anything.” 

A mannequin models a belt bag at the BYU Store. Belt bags have been very popular among students at BYU. (Jessica Penaloza)

Rich Nelson, general manager of the BYU store, shared that they wanted to have a bag that would be convenient to bring to the stadium.

“The bag is the same size as what you would carry in the stadium,” Nelson said. “We specifically brought our prototype to security to make sure that it was the dimensions that they could take into the stadium.” 

Vanze said that about 500 hundred belt bags have been sold so far, and the bag is currently displayed at the BYU store as the item of the week. 

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