Primary General President prompts students to receive the gifts of God


Primary General President Susan H. Porter prompted students to receive the gifts of God during her BYU devotional address on Nov. 1.

President Porter began by inviting students to picture themselves walking up a path with a heavy backpack where the end is eternal life. She said the hardship on this path and how looking up and seeing the gifts the Savior offers like faith, repentance and hope will help on the journey.

“My message today is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of joy because our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ are inviting us to receive Them and Their gifts of infinite worth,” President Porter said.

President Porter emphasized that seeking to receive the gifts of God is not selfish because one must first receive to have value to give. She said receiving is a catalyst for a change of heart, countenance, desires and a new birth, as well as forming a foundational part of becoming a disciple of Christ.

“As we receive God’s gifts, we receive a portion of Him: His spirit, wisdom and knowledge,” President Porter said.

She related receiving the gifts from God to what Alma, Enos and Abish experienced: being filled with a desire to share the gifts and bring others unto Him.

President Porter said if individuals draw closer to the Savior, He will share his gifts which will make one more “complete, stable and whole.”

President Porter stands and speaks to students for her devotional address. She prompted students to receive the gifts of God. (Cole Cummings)

She goes on to describe three ways one can more fully receive the gifts of God: (1) Choose humility, (2) look up (3) and receive deeply.

President Porter said humility allows one to receive Heavenly Father’s gifts through the power of His Son, and weaknesses should be a reason to be humble, not discouraged. 

“The Savior’s gifts are worth every effort to receive as they have the power to change our souls and enable us to do God’s holy work,” President Porter said.

President Porter then said that this way of looking up allows individuals to become more focused on the gifts we’ve been invited to receive. She said as she has studied, she has found 20 specific gifts to receive, such as greater charity, generosity, kindness, personal revelation and the ministering of angels.

“As we focus on receiving the Savior’s gifts, we will feel joy and purpose as we seek to understand the changes we need to make and then act,” President Porter said.

President Porter then explained what it means to “receive deeply.” She said instead of going through the motions, one should pray and wait patiently, because the gifts of God can come quietly in small increments.

President Porter ended her address reminding students to look up and receive the gifts of Heavenly Father and His Son.

“May you look up to god and seek the gifts you need, especially the gifts of knowing that he is with you,” President Porter said.

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