Chocolate Cougar Tails to make a reappearance at Saturday’s BYU-Arkansas game


BYU Dining Services tweeted on Oct. 12 that they will be selling a limited number of chocolate Cougar Tails for the BYU-Arkansas game on Saturday.

The Cougar Tail is an 18-inch maple glazed donut and has been a BYU tradition since 2006, according to BYU Dining Services.

At BYU, Cougar Tails are a game-day tradition. The chocolate Cougar Tail will make its third appearance at BYU’s game against University of Arkansas this Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Brandon May)

BYU Dining Services will be selling a chocolate version of the Cougar Tail for the BYU-Arkansas game on Saturday, but only while supplies last.

“I was intrigued by the chocolate tail option for this week,” BYU season pass holder Julie Burnett said. “I might even buy one of each for a friend’s kids who desperately want to try them.”

According to the managing director of BYU Dining Services, Brent Craig, 12,000 maple Cougar Tails are made for each game. All 12,000 sell out every time.

This Saturday, they’ll be making 6,500 maple Cougar Tails and 5,500 chocolate Cougar Tails. Craig said This week will be a test to see how well the 18-inch chocolate covered donuts sell.

“With no record of how well the chocolate Cougar Tails sold before, tomorrow will be a test for the public’s opinion,” Craig said.

Chocolate Cougar Tails have only made an appearance twice before this weekend, according to Craig.

A Cougar Tail is 18 inches long. 12,000 Cougar Tails are sold at the average BYU football game, which means 3.4 miles of donut are consumed by fans. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Baughn)

In 2012, BYU rolled out the chocolate Cougar Tails for their very first black-out game against Oregon State University.

They were brought back eight years later in 2020 for the game against Western Kentucky University on Halloween.

BYU fans will be wearing white t-shirts at the game against University of Arkansas this Saturday to match the teams white uniforms for Homecoming week.

“I don’t think fans will care if the chocolate tails are sold at a white out,” BYU student Jensen Diedrich said. “It won’t affect their decision and I believe that people will try them to debate on if they’re better than the maple tails.”

Craig said they will only be selling the maple and chocolate flavored Cougar Tails, and there will still be just 12,000 total.

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