BYU students celebrate homecoming week with Pizza at the Plaza


Over 2050 students crowded into Brigham Square at noon on Oct. 11, picking up a free lunch provided by BYUSA.

BYU sophomore Tyler Jeanneret, this year’s director of Pizza at the Plaza, said he planned for that many students to come for lunch. He said that the main goal of Pizza at the Plaza was to promote homecoming, connect students with BYUSA and give people a chance to connect to others on campus.

“Hopefully they make new friends, that’s kinda the goal,” Jeanneret said. Jeanneret said he and others in the BYUSA office had been planning this event since August and started setting up at 10:30 a.m. BYU Students were invited to scan a QR code to give their feedback on the pizza that they tried.

BYU senior Makyla Duncan said that she had heard about the upcoming pizza location last semester, but was not sure what style of place it would be. “Yes, I would order again!” Duncan said. The lunch included a slice of either pepperoni or cheese pizza, a chocolate chip cookie and a container of fruit.

BYU senior Liz Aaron said she heard about the event from her friend, and decided to go with her. “Tuesdays are a long day, and I need something to brighten it up.”

Aaron said she did not know about the other activities that would be there for students in line, including photo opportunities with Cosmo Cougar, a trivia game and a mobile basketball hoop where students could try to shoot a basket for candy.

BYU sophomore Eric Johnson said he heard about the event from the BYU Homecoming website. Johnson said he was initially unsure if he would go to get pizza, but “hunger won out.” Johnson said, “I’m glad BYU’s doing stuff, I like having activities to go to.”

By 12:55 p.m., the pizza was gone. Jeanneret said pizza was only available while supplies lasted. Students that were still in line when the pizza was gone were allowed to grab a few pieces of candy as the BYUSA members immediately began packing up.

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