Cosmo leads the charge for Fall 2022 Cougar Cruise

Cosmo leads the riders on their second lap past the Hinckley Center at the west end of BYU campus. The event was to promote the usage of bikes as transportation. (Kyle Remund)

BYU mascot Cosmo the Cougar led the Cougar Cruise as part of BYU’s Fall 2022 Green Week on Oct. 6.

The BYU Bicycle Committee, who organized the event, wanted to promote using bikes for transportation not only to campus, but for life in general. “It’s a healthier, more affordable, more sustainable way to live and study and work,” BYU Sustainability and Continuity associate director Bremen Leak said.

A young girl hugs Cosmo after the bike ride. Cosmo led the event. (Photo courtesy of Student Wellness)

BYU was awarded a silver level bicycle-friendly campus designation by the League of American Bicyclists in 2018.

Student Wellness office manager Rebecca Means said one of the goals for the event was to have fun. “But also just trying to encourage people to bike more on campus and see that it’s a very bike-able campus,” Means said.

Participants at the event included students, faculty, campus police, local families and BYU’s mascot Cosmo. Riders began at Brigham Square, looped around the southwest end of campus and then headed back up toward the Marriott Center and the Museum of Art.

“I had no idea this bike thing was going on,” BY student Jacob Arnell said. “I was leaving the HVAC and I saw Cosmo biking around right after class break. Then I saw 30 bikers behind him and I thought, ‘oh, shoot!’ and I sprinted to my bike to join him.”

Cosmo led the ride, performing small jumps and other tricks. Those who joined him rode bikes and tricycles, and one participant was on a unicycle.

A unicyclist participated in the ride, sporting the stars and stripes as he made a lap around campus. Many participants brought more than just bikes to join the ride. (Kyle Remund)

“I thought it would be awesome to ride with Cosmo and everybody.” Aubrey Orr, a computer science major, said after the ride.

The event was in the middle of the day and students among other Provo residents were welcome to join in.

“It’s a beautiful day, good day for riding, and you just feel the wind on your face,” Brian Bodily, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, said. “And, heck, Cosmo was doing some fun tricks, so that was fun.”

Cosmo finishes the Cougar Cruise while doing a stunt. Students said they enjoyed watching Cosmo’s many stunts. (Kyle Remund)

Event organizers distributed water and vouchers for Milk & Cookies, a restaurant on campus, to participants at the event.

Means said the Bicycle Committee aims to host at least one Cougar Cruise every year, with more frequent events remaining a possibility. For more information about biking on campus, interested students and others can visit

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