70s-themed Cougar Skate night draws nearly 300 students


Roughly 300 students crowded the BYU Wilkinson Center Ballroom Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the 70s-themed Cougar Skate.

A disco ball and colored lights helped set the mood, while music from the 70s played from the speakers.

BYU junior Ella Justice, director of the Cougar Skate events, estimated they had roughly 300 students in line. Justice said their goal was to have at least 200 students. Students stood by the skate return, waiting for participants to return their skates before joining the others on the dance floor.

“I am excited about skate night,” Justice said. “Not going to lie, I am a little nervous about making sure that everything goes well for everyone.” She said part of her duties as director of Cougar Skate included the logistical process of reserving the BYU WSC Ballroom and coordinating with audiovisual productions to make sure there would be music and lights for the event.

BYUSA volunteer Trevor Crawford said the Ballroom owned the skates being used and that students were not allowed to bring their own skates to prevent the ballroom floor from being damaged.

BYU sophomore Lutece DuBravac said they disagreed with their decision. “They should let you bring your own skates because a lot of people already have their own,” DuBravac said.

DuBravac had heard about the Cougar Skate event only a few hours before and decided to join two of their friends while wearing gold sequined pants with their BYU-issued black and orange skates.

One of DuBravac’s friends, sophomore Aaron Rodriguez, has been attending Cougar Skate nights since last year. Rodriguez said he had been anxiously awaiting this event since the summer.

“It’s lots of fun, but there’s a lot of people,” Rodriguez said, dressed in zebra print bell-bottoms.

According to the BYU Student Connection and Leadership Center website, three more Cougar Skate nights are planned for this semester, happening Oct. 20, Nov. 3 and Dec. 8. BYU freshman Tommy Hale said he is definitely interested in coming to future Cougar Skates.

“10 out of 10, would recommend,” Hale said. “It’s great to skate.”

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