BYU men’s soccer prepares for Utah

BYU men’s soccer has its home opener Friday against Utah.

BYU and Utah have a long standing rivalry. Last year’s game was a resounding success for the Cougars with BYU winning 5-0.

BYU has been working hard since its 3-0 win last week against Utah State. Max Magleby said that the Cougars are working hard on “pressing as a unit”.

Last week against the Aggies was a resounding success, with goals scored by Eli Holmstead, Ben Fankhauser, and Ryan Tetro.

The first goal was by Holmstead with a run to the goal all the from way from the halfway line.

The second goal was given to Fankhauser by Eric Morris for a shot into the top corner.

The third and final goal of the night was from Tetro, converting a penalty into a goal for the game’s ultimate score.

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