Good News Thursday: 7-year-old saves toddler from drowning, sea turtle rescued and returned to ocean 


7-year-old saves toddler from drowning in California

The young boy smiles in the pool. Massiah Browne saved a young boy from drowning after noticing him at the bottom of the pool. (Good News Network)

A 7-year-old boy saved a 3-year-old from drowning in his apartment pool last week in Sacramento, California. Massiah Browne was playing in the water when he noticed a child at the bottom of the pool. He dove the 6 feet to the bottom and pulled the young boy to the top and with the help of his 9-year-old cousin, Browne lifted the boy out to safety.

Nearby adults called 911 and the child began breathing again after receiving CPR. The child was transported to the hospital in critical condition with advanced life support efforts provided by Sacramento firefighters.

“He’s super empathetic so for him to do something like that, I mean, it’s really nothing out of the norm it’s just crazy that he’s seven years old and he’s doing something like that,” Browne’s father said.

Sea turtle rescued, rehabilitated and returned to ocean

Bill Deerr, a leader of Sea Turtle Recovery, holds Titan, a rehabilitated turtle before releasing it back into the ocean in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. on Aug. 2, 2022. Titan survived being gashed by a boat propeller, having part of a flipper bitten off by a shark, and was being attacked by a different shark when two fishermen intervened and saved him. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)
Titan the turtle is held by a member of Sea Turtle Recovery. The turtle was rescued by the group after being hit by a boat and attacked by several sharks. (AP News)

A turtle in Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, named Titan was among eight turtles returned to the sea after being nursed back to health. Titan was gashed by a boat propeller, had part of his flipper bitten off by a shark, and was being attacked by a different shark when two fishermen saved the turtle and called Sea Turtle Recovery.

The group rehabilitates turtles before returning them safely back into the ocean. Sea Turtle Recovery, based in South Orange, New Jersey, has treated sick or injured turtles since 2016. Following the eight turtles released last week, the group has now healed and returned 85 turtles to the ocean.

“To see Titan go back into the ocean after being hit by a boat, bitten by a shark and fighting off another shark is just amazing,” said Brandi Biehl, co-executive officer of the group. “There truly is no tougher turtle in the world than him.”

Nonprofit removes 220,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean

The nonprofit Ocean Cleanup is committed to removing 90% of plastic currently floating in the ocean. They announced they have removed 220,000 pounds of debris. (Good News Network).

A group called The Ocean Cleanup has now collected 220,000 pounds of plastic over 45 extractions using their System 02, also known as “Jenny.” The system sweeps an area of ocean comparable to the size of Rhode Island. The group is aiming to clean up 90% of plastic floating in the ocean.

To complete their goal, the group must repeat a 220,000 pound haul 1,000 times to eliminate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a large pocket of debris in the central north Pacific Ocean. To speed up the process The Ocean Cleanup will implement System 03 with the goal to increase the effort and amount of debris collected.

“System 03, which is expected to capture plastic at a rate potentially 10 times higher than System 02 through a combination of increased size, improved efficiency, and increased uptime, will be starting soon,” said the group’s founder, Boyan Slat.

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