Good News Thursday: British farmers make swimming pool with hay bales, teen is awarded $17,000 after returning lost purse


British farmers make swimming pool with hay bales amid heatwave

A group of farmers in the UK created a DIY pool out of hay and silage wrap amid heat wave in Europe. (Good News Network)

A group of British farmers built a pool using hay bales to combat the heatwave. Jack Smith and 13 of his friends finished the project in four days and plan to keep the pool in use for the rest of the summer. The pool was created using hay and silage wrap. The group then lined the bales with tarpaulin and spent two more days filling the pool with water.

The project was accomplished while Europe is experiencing a record breaking heat wave. Several countries are dealing with wild fires and extreme heat leaving citizens vulnerable. For Smith and his friends, the spike of heat inspired a creative way to cool down.

“We were at the pub and it was boiling, so we thought the next day we’d build a pool as a kind of hangover cure,” said Smith, a farmer from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. “The whole project took four days, and there was about 13 of us working on it together, so we couldn’t have done it without working as a team.”

Teen is awarded $17,000 after returning lost purse to San Diego woman

The 17-year-old teen Adrian Rodriquez returned the purse to San Diego woman Eliana Martin after finding it in a parking lot. (Good News Network)

A 17-year-old teen in San Diego returned a purse he found in a grocery store parking lot this week. Adrian Rodriquez found the bag in Chula Vista, California, two weeks ago. Rodriquez delivered the purse to the woman’s front door. The handbag contained $20 cash and several credit cards.

Eliana Martin, the owner of the bag, wasn’t home at the time Rodriquez dropped it off, but later found the teen through social media by posting a picture of Rodriquez from her Ring camera. After realizing how young Rodriquez was, Martin and her roommate Melina Marquez created a GoFundMe campaign where 764 donors awarded the teen over $17,000 for his kind act.

“My mom always told me since I was little to always do the right thing when nobody’s around,” Rodriquez told NBC News. “I didn’t expect nothing back, honestly.”

Chicken is returned to owners after hitching ride in undercarriage of truck

The chicken travelled 13 miles away from its home including a 65 miles per hour journey on the interstate. (Pexels)

A Vermont family’s chicken is back home after hitching a ride in the undercarriage of their pickup truck. The car ride landed the animal 13 miles away from home in the city. The hen, named Bug, climbed into the small space in the undercarriage of the vehicle and stayed there even when the truck traveled 65 miles per hour on the highway.

The chicken was spotted at an outdoor pedestrian mall by Lo Fasano, who took the chicken home with her after calling the police and rehabilitators. After turning to the internet to find the hen’s home, Fasano found the owners who lived in Hinesburg. After finding their lost animal, the family changed her name from Bug to Amelia Earhart to commemorate her adventurous spirit.

“I think about her and I’m really happy it had a happy ending,” Fasano said.

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