Good News Thursday: Teen named a hero after saving 3 teen girls from sinking car, lamb nursed back to health after falling out of truck


Teen named a hero after saving 3 teen girls from sinking car

Corion Evans is named a hero after saving a group of teenage girls who were sinking in a river in Mississippi. Evans pulled them to safety after they were misled by their GPS system into the river. (Good News Network)

A 16-year-old from Mississippi was hailed as a hero after saving three girls from a car sinking in a river July 3. The girls drove their car off a boat ramp, floated 25 yards out into the Pascagoula River and began sinking around 2:30 a.m. The three teens were following their GPS which was incorrectly marked, leading them directly into the river.

Corion Evans, a strong swimmer, heard the girls crying for help, jumped into the water and saved them, as well as a police officer who was struggling to swim. Evans noticed the officer struggling to stay above water and swam him to safety.

“I was just like, ‘I can’t let none of these folks die,’” Evans said. “‘They need to get out the water’. So, I just started getting them, I wasn’t even thinking about nothing else.”

Lamb nursed back to health after falling out of truck

The lamb, named Constable Sam, suffered a fall leaving him with broken legs, a fractured skull and an injured eye. Sam has since made a full recovery. (Good News Network)

A newborn lamb made an incredible recovery after falling off a truck in Australia. The lamb fell through a gap in a vehicle traveling along a busy highway on March 14.

The lamb, Constable Sam, was born on the same day of his accident. Constable broke both of his front legs in two places and suffered a fractured skull and a critical injury to one eye as a result of his fall. Officials rushed him to farm sanctuary Edgar’s Mission after finding him injured on the side of the road.

“His fractured skull is fractured no more and his once critically injured left eye appears to have not lost its sight,” Edgar’s Mission said in a statement. “His wobbly legs are now strong and infused with a sense of victory and his wagging tail is unable to conceal his joy for the newfound and splint-free mobility that is now his.”

Cat returned to family after escaping her carrier at airport

This image provided courtesy of Massport, shows Rowdy the Cat, after being captured on Wednesday July 13, 2022, at Logan Airport in Boston. The cat has been dodging airport and airline personnel as well as animal experts since escaping from a pet carrier at Boston's Logan International Airport about three weeks ago. Patty Nolet Sahli posted on Facebook that the 4-year-old black female cat looks great and the family can't wait to be reunited. The family was returning to the U.S. after a deployment to Germany with the Army when Rowdy escaped her cage upon landing. (Courtesy of Massport via AP)
The cat, named Rowdy, escaped from his carrier after landing from a flight from Germany. The cat was dodging airport personal for three weeks. (AP News)

A Boston pet cat has been returned to its owners after escaping from a pet carrier at the Logan International Airport three weeks ago. The cat, named Rowdy, escaped her carrier when Patty and Rich Sahli landed from a flight from Germany.

For weeks the animal has dodged airport personnel’s efforts to capture her. Rowdy’s escape set off a massive search involving airport and Lufthansa personnel, construction workers and animal welfare advocates, as well as the use of wildlife cameras and safe-release traps. Rowdy was given a health check and will be returned to her family.

“I’m kind of in disbelief,” Sahli said on July 6. “I thought, ‘What are the odds we’re actually going to get her back?’ But I got a call this morning and I am just so shocked.”

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