Good News Thursday: Anonymous donor pays student debt for entire graduating class in Texas, scientists find breakthrough in leukemia treatment


Anonymous donor pays off student debt for entire graduating class in Texas

An anonymous donor paid off the student debt of Wiley College’s 2022 graduating class at the school’s commencement ceremony on May 7. (Good News Network)

An estimated $300,000 was anonymously donated to more than 100 students at Wiley College to pay off their student debt following graduation.

Wiley College’s president Herman J. Felton, Jr. gave the announcement during the school’s commencement ceremony on May 7.

Home to Marshall, Texas, Wiley College is a historically Black, liberal arts school, affiliated with the United Methodist Church. According to the Wiley College website, the school’s mission is to serve as a “beacon of light inspiring individuals to serve as catalysts of social change in their community and professions.”

“Our commitment to our students goes beyond their time while they are enrolled,” Felton said. “We are grateful for this anonymous donor who will assist the students in paying off their balances.”

Scientists find breakthrough in leukemia treatment

Researchers in Australia discovered a way to make treatment for acute myeloid leukemia more effective. (Good News Network)

Researchers at the University of South Australia have discovered a way to stifle a protein which promotes resistance to drugs that treat acute myeloid leukemia. This type of cancer attacks blood and bone marrow and more than 20,000 Americans have been diagnosed with it in 2022 alone.

Although patients diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia tend to use Venetoclax, a treatment option which fights the cancerous cells, acute myeloid leukemia cells can quickly become resistant to this medication.

The new research makes acute myeloid leukemia cells sensitive to Venetoclax and leaves normal white blood cells unaffected.

“For most people with acute myeloid leukemia, the chances of long-term survival are no better now than they were last century,” University of South Australia associate professor David Ross said. “Now, we have a chance to remedy that. New treatments that prevent Venetoclax resistance have the potential to prolong survival, or even increase the chances of a cure in a disease for which improved outcomes are desperately needed.”

Texas great dane holds title for tallest dog in the world

The Great Dane lives in Texas and stands at an impressive 3 feet, 5.18 inches tall. (Guinness World Records)

A Great Dane from Texas was named the tallest dog in the world by the Guinness World Records on May 4. 

Zeus, weighing 200 pounds and standing 3 feet, 5 inches tall replaced the previous record holder, another Great Dane from Michigan which stood 3 feet, 8 inches tall and died in 2014.

The two-year-old Great Dane shares his home with three miniature Australian shepherds and a cat, and loves going on walks and visiting the Dallas Farmers Market.

“At first, we were nervous about having such a large dog, but we fell in love with him and here we are,” owner Brittany Davis said. “This has been a whirlwind and unexpected. We never thought we would own the largest living dog.”

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