Video of the Day: Respect for the flag

(Brooke Baugh Cowley via Facebook)

An employee with the Sanitation and Trash Division in Huntington, Utah saw an American flag in the trash while working his route. He pulled the flag out of the can and folded it up. The homeowner saw the man’s act of respect, recorded it and posted it to her Facebook page.

“I was a complete idiot! I was cleaning our porch while the kids did an Easter egg hunt. I threw away our flag and pole because it had broken and ripped. Then I witnessed our garbage man stop get out of the truck, unhook the flag and take the time to fold it! I immediately was so ashamed I didn’t retire the flag properly. I mean I am married to a veteran for heaven’s sake! In this moment I was so thankful for what he had done and the obvious love he has for our country and our flag! Thank you sir for teaching me a lesson I won’t forget,” said Brooke Baugh Cowley, the poster.

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