BYU to increase tuition by 3% starting fall semester

BYU’s tuition will increase by 3% starting Fall Semester 2022. (Graphic made by Abigail Gunderson in Canva)

BYU announced on Monday that tuition will increase by 3% for the 2022-23 school year.

The 3% increase will cover “cost increases in areas such as supplies, library needs and laboratory materials,” according to a press release.

Undergraduate tuition will increase by $92, from $3,060 to $3,152. For graduate students, tuition will increase by $116. Tuition for graduate students in the Marriott School of Business and for BYU Law students will increase by $214. 

Anuka Tsog, a student from Chicago, said she was shocked to hear about the tuition increase. “$92 is a lot honestly if you think about it,” she said.

Even with the price increase, BYU is considerably cheaper than other Utah universities. Dixie State (soon to be Utah Tech University) costs $2,500 more a semester than BYU with in-state tuition.

Jared Persson, a student from California, said he thinks the increase is reasonable in the current economy. 

“Cost of living has gone up,” he said. “Also housing prices have gone up more than 3%, so in perspective it’s not that big of a deal to me personally, but I can see if it was higher I’d be a little more upset.” 

Tsog also said comparing BYU’s tuition to other schools in Utah helps put things into perspective, and compare the price difference.

“When you look at the big picture I think it’s nice to see that it’s cheaper than other schools,” she said. “I think if there’s a good reason like inflation behind it, it’s comforting, but it’s still kind of sad.”

Since 2010, BYU has increased tuition by 2-3% every year. The biggest raise happened in 2007, when tuition went from $1,920 to $2,040 — a 6.3% increase. 

In a statement to the Daily Universe, Todd Hollingshead, the media relations manager for University Communications, said “tuition costs are generally reviewed annually” to address increasing costs.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers most of BYU’s operating costs, including tuition, with tithes from its members. Because of this, students who are not members of the Church pay twice as much in tuition. 

The 3% increase applies to all students, regardless of membership in the Church. 

BYU’s tuition is cheaper when compared to other universities’ cost in Utah. (Made by Abigail Gunderson in Canva)
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