Highlights from BYU Colleges: BYU Law earns highest U.S. News ranking to date, BYU program increases family hiking


J. Reuben Clark Law School

The U.S. News ranks professional school programs in business, education, engineering, law, medicine and nursing each spring. This year the BYU Law graduate program earned its highest ranking to date. (BYU Photo)

BYU Law earned its highest U.S. News ranking to date, coming in at No. 23 in the Best Graduate School rankings released on March 29, 2022.

In addition to the law program, the BYU Marriott School of Business also earned a high rank, staying once again in the Top-50 programs.

Another unexpected result this year was the 13-spot jump the BYU College of Nursing made: securing the 68th place on the ranking.

Some of the contributing factors to the upward movement in these rankings are high placement rates for graduates and low graduate debt.

Marriott School of Business

A study from BYU business and family studies professors found the U.S.’s Every Kid Outdoors program is leading to an increased frequency of hiking with children.

The program gives families with fourth graders free access to national parks for one year.

According to BYU Marriott School of Business professor and study co-author Camilla Hodge, the increase in families going hiking isn’t seen across the board demographically.

The study revealed that the changes were mostly concentrated in high-income white families, whereas families in the lower half of the country’s income distribution did not see significant changes.

“We have a great opportunity for creative problem-solving to ensure equitable access and opportunities for outdoor experiences on public lands,” Hodge said. “The county as a whole can consider how we can improve transportation to these lands, affordability of entry fees, and awareness of the policy aimed towards a broader audience.”

College of Fine Arts and Communications

Morris Robinson, one of the top opera basses in the world, shared the lessons he learned during his career in a lecture at BYU on March 2. (BYU Photo)

BYU students had the opportunity to listen to Morris Robinson, one of the top opera basses in the world, and his remarks about the lessons he learned while working in the opera industry.

Robinson emphasized the role God played in his journey, as he went from an all-American football player in college to becoming the performing artist he is today.

“Mine was a calling,” Robinson said. “It’s a calling, and with that comes a great responsibility.”

Before the lecture on March 3, Robinson sang pieces by Indigenous, Black, American and Jewish composers.

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