Two Evangelicals attend conference to film documentary

(Abby Gunderson)

A group of Evangelical Christians are creating a documentary on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“It’s not enough to read about you guys, talk about you guys, we wanted to see it firsthand and experience it and meet you guys,” documentary filmmaker Jeremy Jenkins said.

The group came to General Conference this weekend to interview members of the Church. Their documentary series gathers perspectives from members of other faiths and members of their surrounding communities.

“That’s how we measure success in the church, lowercase and capital ‘c’, how does the community around them view the church and if it’s loving, that’s a great measure of success,” documentary filmmaker David Morales said.

The series is part of the All Things All People Evangelical initiative, which educates Christians about other world views and religions. The group hopes that Christians, especially Evangelical Christians, will be able to better engage with their own beliefs.

The documentary will be accessible online at

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