BYU Vocal Point to share music and magic in upcoming national tour


BYU Vocal Point’s first nationwide tour will begin on April 28 following the group’s final Provo performances. The nine-member male a cappella group originally had the tour scheduled for March 2020, but had to postpone because of the pandemic.

“Before 2020, we would just take a bunch of weekend trips and things like that,” Vocal Point Director McKay Crockett said. “And because of how Vocal Point is structured, that tour was going to be our first ‘real’ national tour.”

Vocal Point announced the dates and locations for the upcoming Magic tour on Feb. 28, 2022. Vocal Point’s Instagram post shared the group’s long-awaited anticipation and excitement for Magic.

Jensen Diederich, a tenor and one of Vocal Point’s newest members, gave a general overview of what the Magic tour would entail.

“We have our final shows in Utah this weekend, and then we go on tour in the middle of April,” Diederich said. “The whole tour is basically just, go to a place, set up, perform for everyone, take down and then travel and repeat.”

Diederich said the next month would involve making final preparations for the tour.

Bass singer Adam Ross said he was looking forward to being able to perform in different venues.

“It’s going to be fun to expand Vocal Point’s reach and just see all kinds of different people,” Ross said.

Diederich also shared that Vocal Point is working on a new album that features multiple Disney covers. Beatboxer Alex Brown added some insight about the album and including it on the tour.

“The tour and the album kind of go hand in hand,” Brown said. “We’re going to release the album with all these new songs, and then we’re going to perform a bunch of them on the tour.”

Brown credited the new Disney album as being the inspiration for the name of the Magic tour.

Crockett said COVID-19 affected some considerations for the venues Vocal Point will perform in. “While the shows might feel a little different, the same magic and the same excitement will be part of the shows, and it will be really fun,” he said.

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