Sen. Lee and Romney react to Ukraine president’s address


By Evadne Hendrix and Emma Keddington

Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee both made comments regarding Ukraine after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to Congress.

“I feel fully committed to doing everything in our power to help defend the people of Ukraine against the monstrous actions of Vladimir Putin,” Romney said.

Romney said helping Ukraine is both the right thing to do and the key to maintaining a safe world. The senator recognized that some people are worried about provoking Russia.

However, he said it is in our interest to support Ukraine with both arsenal and humanitarian aid.

Lee praised Zelensky’s leadership and patriotism after his address.

“I think every single member, members of both political parties and of both chambers of Congress, had their heartstrings pulled,” Lee said.

Zelensky asked the U.S. to continue sending aid to his country and to instate a no-fly zone against Russia.

Lee said enacting a no-fly zone would be akin to an act of war and that doing so should be considered with great thought before putting American men and women in harm’s way. Nevertheless, the senator still asked Americans to be mindful of the plight of Ukraine.

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