BYU announces return to traditional semesters

(Kelsey Mae Nield)

BYU announced it will be returning to its traditional operations after 2 years of COVID-19 adjustments and restrictions.

BYU made many changes to the COVID-19 policy with mask requirements, remote classes and social distancing. Now that the university is returning to its typical operations, many students will finally get to experience a normal semester.

“I really missed seeing my classmates, my cohort in the business school, we were all masked and online sometimes. So, to be able to be in person and really come together is really exciting,” business student Maddie Baker said.

BYU will no longer require students and employees to report their vaccination status, but they will continue to encourage vaccinations and boosters. Students can choose to wear a mask if they would like.

These decisions are subject to change depending on the trends of the virus.

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