BYUSA hosts Mental Health Matters week


BYUSA is hosting mental health-centered events on campus March 7–14 to alleviate stress and offer support.

The schedule of Mental Health Matters events can be found on posters and flyers around campus. The goal of the week is to alleviate stress and offer support. (Nicole Olson)

Mental Health Matters is a campaign seeking to promote mental health awareness and offer resources for BYU students.

Andrew Brindley, BYUSA honors vice president, said the goal of the events this week is to create an open dialogue and help create a more unified campus. He said opening up a dialogue about mental health creates a sense of shared humanity, which connects students.

“Normalizing the conversation about mental health gives us power to own our stories and own the ending of that story. When we hide or cover up our struggles, they take control of us and cause us to not be authentic,” Brindley said.

Mental health advocate and marketing major Trent Pomar said big events help more people to normalize and recognize mental health issues. But there is still more work to be done, he said.

“We’ve definitely come a long way in accepting and helping it seem more normal to struggle with mental or mood disorders, but there’s still a ways to go, especially when it comes to males recognizing that and breaking that stigma,” Pomar said.

BYU psychology major Jessica Castro said she feels perfectionism is a huge issue at BYU and within the Church. She is glad there will be a panel addressing it on March 10. She said she also appreciates the different coping mechanisms being offered, but wishes there were more resources about getting individual help.

“It would be cool if they could implement a panel or meeting discussing different options there are for people wanting to talk with counselors and what other resources are there because CAPS is always super busy and booked,” Castro said.

Mental Health Matters events

Students advocating for mental health and interested in learning more about it can enjoy events offered this week.

The week started with the “I Am Not Alone” kickoff booth that was in Brigham Square on Monday. Tuesday night included a “Make Connections” clubs night at the Wilkinson Student Center and a National Alliance on Mental Illness support group.

A meditation and smoothies activity occurred Wednesday along with a “Take a Break” activity that night where games, karaoke, food and art were provided at the WSC Garden Court.

There will be a perfectionism panel tonight at 7 p.m. in the Varsity Theater.

On Friday, there will be outdoor Zumba at 12 p.m. at Brigham Square. A stress management workshop will be available on Zoom at the same time.

Free yoga is open to all on March 12 at 9 a.m. at 3228 WSC.

The week’s events will end on March 14 with the “Express Gratitude” campaign at 11 a.m. at Brigham Square.

See BYUSA Honor’s Instagram or webpage for more information.

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