Marriott Inclusion in Business Society prepares diverse students for future careers


The Marriott Inclusion in Business Society provides training and academic resources for marginalized students in the Marriott Business School.

According to Staci Carrol, advisor of the Marriott Inclusion and Business Society, the organization is student-led and promotes understanding among peers. She described the group’s initiative as a way to provide education regarding inclusion in the workplace and to create a community for underrepresented students.

The organization includes target communities based on the minority groups dominantly represented in the Marriott School of Business. Some examples of the sectors in the Marriott Inclusion in Business Society are women, Latinos and LGBTQ.

Attendees of the semi-annual Women in Business dinner enjoy getting to know each other. Women in Business is one of many subgroups within the Marriot Inclusion in Business Society. (Photo courtesy of Jesse Clobes)

Though the group primarily targets students in the Marriott School of Business, it does not exclude those of other majors. Kaela Johnson, co-president of the Marriott Inclusion in Business Society, said anyone who is seeking a safe place or wants to learn about diversity and inclusion is welcome to come.

Society co-president Tiana Tolman said she hopes people know that they can come as they are. She hopes “they can feel safe and feel empowered by their differences and not marginalized by them,” she said.

Each community hosts events directed toward their respective faction. The academic society also caters events and resources to the general public. The Marriott Inclusion in Business Society hosts about one event per week.

“We recognize that it is hard to build certain communities for all the certain demographics, but we try our best to always provide resources and foster events where anyone can feel included and safe,” Tolman said.

Students mingle at a food and culture night hosted by Marriot Inclusion in Business. The organization hopes to create an environment of inclusion for students with diverse backgrounds. (Photo courtesy of Aubrey Rushton)

The organization includes opportunities for networking, major exploration and educational tools for the future workforce. The group leaders focus on providing an environment for students to connect with those similar to them as well as individuals in other minority groups.

Johnson said she hopes students can find not only a sense of belonging but can gain greater confidence in navigating the business world.

On Feb. 22, the Marriott Inclusion in Business Society, alongside other organizations, hosted a carnival in celebration of Black History Month at the Smith Fieldhouse.

Tolman said she believes the organization “helps you to recognize that your unique differences are your superpower, not your setback.”

Leaders of the Marriott Inclusion in Business Society showcase all future events on newsletters distributed through email. To receive newsletters, electronic registration is available on the group’s website. More information can be found on their social media, including Linkedin and Instagram.

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