Good News Thursday: U.S. national soccer team reach agreement on equal pay, Tonga’s internet restored five weeks after eruption


U.S. national soccer team reach agreement on equal play

U.S. women’s national team reached an agreement with U.S. Soccer on equal pay on Feb. 22. The settlement ends an argument and dispute that started in 2016, when some U.S. team players filed a complaint arguing they were paid less than male players. (AP News)

U.S. Soccer will pay $24 million to U.S. women’s national team players in order to settle a discrimination and pay equity dispute and lawsuit filed in 2016.

On Feb. 22 the two sides announced the deal that will have players split $22 million, and that U.S. Soccer also will establish a $2 million fund to benefit the players after their soccer career.

“Every generation has taken on that fight to close the gap and every generation has left this program better for that fight, and we as the current players are thrilled that this fight has led to the closing of that gap,” American soccer star Becky Sauerbrunn.

“There are a lot of on-field accomplishments like the World Cup and Olympics, league championships, but this will really stand out as one of the most meaningful moments.”

The Boston Globe revives America’s first newspaper dedicated to ending slavery and racism

The Boston Globe’s Opinion team and Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research revived America’s first newspaper dedicated to ending slavery: The Emancipator.

The Emancipator was founded in 1820 with the purpose to advocate for the abolition of slavery, and after its revival it also hopes to serve as a bulwark against racist misinformation.

“Our country is so polarized that partisanship is trumping science and trumping historical records,” said The Emancipator’s co-editor-in-chief Amber Payne. “These ongoing crusades against affirmative action, against critical race theory are not going away. That drumbeat is continuing and so therefore our drumbeat needs to continue.”

Tonga’s internet restored five weeks after eruption

Tonga Cable Ltd. has restored Tonga’s main internet connection five weeks after the volcanic eruption and tsunami. This means the electric company can now focus on repairing the cable that connects the outer islands to the main island. (AP News)

Five weeks after the huge volcanic eruption and tsunami that affected Tonga on Jan. 15, the country’s main internet connection was restored.

“It’s a huge relief when you know things have come to the end and are working well,” said chairperson at Tonga Cable Ltd Samuel Fonua. “It’s one step forward for the country.”

According to Fonua, Elon Musk’s SpaceX company also helped with the connection restoration, and added that he hopes Space X’s connections can be used to reconnect people on the outer islands.

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