Student entrepreneurs open lounge, soda bar for student creator community


Members of BYU Creators, a student entrepreneurship organization, created a campus space for students to gather, discuss ideas and interact with other creators.

The space — called The Slab — is located in the Tanner Building on the BYU campus and is open to all students every weekday for the rest of winter semester. It offers a free soda bar, complete with an original menu inspired by programs within the Creators.

Jade Rogers, product manager for Creators, said she hopes the space will provide a community place for students to gather and collaborate with others on their ideas.

“The Slab is for anybody on campus,” Rogers said. “Activities that we do in The Slab are to help bring all these different skill sets and backgrounds together to hopefully collaborate on ideas.”

Although the space provides an inviting atmosphere, the students behind the project hope it will offer more to the campus community.

“We wanted it to be a place that isn’t just about the vibes. We wanted it to be a constructive space,” marketing lead Lilli Vehikite said.

The Slab will feature several events throughout the semester including “idea jam sessions” every Wednesday and Thursday.

BYU Creator Emmett Fear expressed his hopes for the impact the space will have on the BYU community.

“One of the great things The Slab does is it provides that conducive environment where people can meet each other in a casual, yet meaningful way that allows them to be able to share a drink and talk about ideas,” Fear said. “We want this to be a space that facilitates that sort of innovation.”

Fear also mentioned his gratitude for seeing the project come to fruition. “I think my favorite thing is seeing it all come together,” he said. “There’s so much payoff when it gets to the end of a project. It’s so cool to understand where this initially was six months ago and where it is now.”

The space is open to all students for the duration of this Winter Semester, but students will need to join BYU Creators to visit The Slab starting Fall 2022. More information about The Slab can be found on the BYU Creators Instagram page.

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