Brother Brad Wilcox apologizes again for his repeated comments on race

(Brad Wilcox Facebook, Youtube “Against Anti-Mormons”)

Brother Brad Wilcox of the Young Men’s General Presidency expressed remorse during a fireside with youth members in Canada on Sunday night. He apologized for his hurtful comments in a fireside the previous Sunday and for making similar comments during other talks in the past.

“It wasn’t the first time that I’ve given that talk and it wasn’t the first time that I’ve used the ideas I shared or the line of reasoning,” Brother Wilcox said.

In his controversial talk, 62-year-old Brother Wilcox compared Black people receiving the priesthood in 1978 to white people and other races waiting for the restoration of the priesthood. “In the past, I failed to see how my comments could be seen as insensitive and hurtful,” he said.

He said his friends are helping him understand the impact of his comments. Brother Wilcox also expressed gratitude for the atonement of Jesus Christ and apologized on social media last week after the fireside for what he said.

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