Citizens gather in Utah Freedom Convoy to protest mask mandates

Trucks gather at the LendNation parking lot in Taylorsville, Utah to rally against COVID-19 restrictions in Utah. (Sadey Nevin)

Utah truck drivers and other locals rallied in the LendNation parking lot in Taylorsville, Utah, Saturday with the objective to stand up for their country, their freedom and their families as vaccine and mask mandates continue to be debated in Utah.

This Feb. 5 rally followed a widespread movement started in Canada to rally against COVID-19 vaccination and mask mandates. According to the website of Utah Patriots, the group that organized the gathering, the rally aimed to stand “in solidarity with our Canadians to the North and show that ‘We the People’ run this country.”

The event involved a 60-mile route beginning in Taylorsville, Utah, going through Provo and ending at the Capitol building in Salt Lake City.

Those in attendance expressed their strong disdain for the COVID-19 restrictions taking place in the U.S., likening the vaccine and mask mandates to tyranny.

“We’ve had these ridiculous government mandates for way too long,” rally attendee Walter Wagner said.

Bluffdale resident Jackie Bell said she believes if the mandates and restrictions had shown a substantial decrease in their ability to be effective, she thinks people would have been more amenable to the mandates.

“But it really didn’t show that much of a change or a difference,” she said. “I think it was just an opportunity for the government to come in and start a flow of restrictions that people aren’t sure where they’re going to stop.”

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