BYUSA celebrates Honor Week to connect students through shared values

A sign in the Wilkinson Student Center announces a watercolor activity on Jan. 29. This activity was hosted as part of BYUSA Honor Week celebrating the Honor Code. (Sicily Stanton)

BYUSA celebrates Honor Week annually with events and activities lined up each day throughout the week to celebrate the commitment each student makes to follow the Honor Code.

Honor Week began Saturday, Jan. 29 and ends Thursday, Feb. 3.

“Honor Week is an opportunity for students to celebrate those values that we all can connect with,” BYUSA Honor Vice President Andrew Brindley said. “We do these events to unite campus, help them understand what it means to be a BYU student, how to live with honor and integrity and bring us all together for a week.”

Each activity is an opportunity for students to connect with one another, serve and learn. Activities for the week can be found on the BYUSA Instagram page or website. Some of the events include honoring Black history during PEN Talks on Feb. 2, and the kick-off where students bonded over watercolor artistry this last Saturday night

At the watercolor event, finance major Kiersten Rule talked about how grateful she was to have an excuse to meet up and bond with friends she hadn’t seen in a while. She and her friends sat around a table laughing and chatting as they prepared to paint their personal masterpieces. 

“I love all the different events that BYUSA puts on which really encourage us students to get involved and not just make it all about academics or grades,” Rule said. “These events also make it about building a community where we can rely on each other as we go through our studies, classes and everything else in our lives.”

According to Vice President of Clubs, Jasmine Limbong, BYUSA focuses on students serving one another and connecting through shared values; Honor Week exemplifies that.

“At BYU, we ‘enter to learn, go forth to serve,’ and so I think that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here with Honor Week,” Limbong said. “We’re trying to teach people what it means to live a life full of integrity and then go forth and serve, whether that be on campus or on a bigger scale.” 

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