BYU students’ cars trapped because of surprise snowfall

BYU students react to finding their cars trapped in the Y lot next to Brick Oven. Dayna Thayn was one who had her car locked in between two cars, making her unable to leave the parking lot. (Kamree Laursen)

This morning, some BYU students came back from classes to find their cars blocked in between other cars in the Y lot across from Brick Oven.

The snowfall Provo encountered covered streets and sidewalks. According to BYU advertising student Kaitlyn Dalton, this Y lot was not plowed when she and other students began arriving to school around 7:30 a.m.

Dalton said she wasn’t too worried about driving on the roads, but she wanted to get to school early because she knew parking would be bad. She didn’t think too much about the parking situation when she got to school, but when she came back from her classes, there was no way to move from the spot where she had parked.

“When I came back from class, the parking lot was filled up and there were people on both sides of us locking us in,” Dalton said.

Because of her situation, Dalton had to call in to work and tell them she wouldn’t be able to come in for a while. She said while she doesn’t want to have to tow people, she will as a last resort.

BYU students Dayna Thayn and Eastin Hartzell help Kaitlyn Dalton get out of the parking lot. (Kamree Laursen)

“It’s kind of silly that people thought it would be okay to park and lock people in between cars. That’s frustrating that people would do that,” Dalton said.

Dalton was not the only one worried about missing work. Eastin Hartzell, another BYU student, waited in the parking lot for over an hour trying to get his car out before he had to get to his job.

“It’s stressing me out that I won’t be able to make it to work,” Hartzell said.

The snow covered the lines of the parking lot, making it nearly impossible to see where the parking lines were. Students continued to pile into this parking area, despite there being another Y lot nearby.

“I was trying to run home to grab some notebooks to go study with some friends, but I guess I won’t be studying with my group,” said Dayna Thayn, a BYU neuroscience major whose car was also trapped.

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